Technical Graphics

Subject Overview

Technical Graphics involves students in the development of the range of skills associated with the management of spatial problems and the graphical communication of spatial ideas and solutions.


Conventions and Standards

Plane Geometry:

• Constructions
• Plane figures
• Loci
• Transformation geometry
• Areas and figures

Descriptive Geometry:

• Orthographic Projection
• Pictorial drawing and projection
• Scaled drawing
• Surface development

Communication Graphics:

• Freehand drawing and sketching
• Graphics in designing
• Computer graphics


Technical Graphics is assessed at both Ordinary level and Higher level by means of a terminal examination paper.

Teaching of this syllabus commenced in 1992. A review of provision for technology education in the junior cycle has taken place and syllabus revision will commence in 2006/2007. 


Chief Examiners Report (download pdf)

Junior Cert Syllabus (download pdf)


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