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Irish 2nd Level Robotics Tournament

An Irish 2nd Level Robotics Tournament (previously Irish  Junior Mini Sumo Tournament) will take place in The Radisson Blu Hotel Galway on Wed 29th April 2015.
After the huge success of last year’s event, Robotics Ireland in conjunction with the Galway Education Centre and PDST have decided to increase the number of participating robots by introducing a new competition to the event. The tournament will now run the following competitions:
·         Irish Junior Mini Sumo Competition
·         Robovid Competition
·         Irish Junior Line Follower Racing Competition (NEW!)
o   Line Followers must be built using similar motors, LDRs and GENIE E18 motor control boards as Mini Sumos
o   Racing competition is based on a timed lap of a prescribed course
o   Pictures of proposed Line Follower courses attached: GP = Easy & F1 = Hard!
o   Line Follower kits and building instructions are available for purchase if required
Entry forms will be available online by October and further information will be sent to you in the coming weeks.
All of last year’s entrants will be automatically notified when the forms are available.
All competitions are open to individual students or teams of students of any age – last year the majority of participants were TYs but many 2nd Yrs and 5th Yrs also entered.

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